Winter is so cold!

.. but luckily Mathew looks after me!

Visiting Hoover and Snow at their house

Christmas comes early

They are yummy, and give me cleaner teeth. A double bonus! Lucky they were so cheap.

Bodie comes to visit

If you won’t let me have any, then I will help myself!

Today I learnt a valuable lesson that doggies and chocolate are a bad combination. I have seen Mathew eat it before but he has always told me it was bad for me and would not let me have any. Well today when Mathew went out for a short time he decided to leave doggy door into the laundry open as it was raining outside. Little did he know that he had not closed the door properly to the house so I decided to do some exploring. In the middle of the dining table was a “BIG” block of Toblerone, so I decided to teach Mathew a lesson for not letting me have any and proceeded to eat the whole thing, with some cardboard and aluminium foil as well.

Well when Mathew got home I was a bit confused as he wasn’t exactly angry when he found my mess, but instead very concerned. Instead of yelling at me he bundled me into the car and took me out. This was strange, no yelling and we get to go out! I soon learnt that I should have left the Toblerone alone when we arrived at the emergency vet (today was a public holiday so my normal vet was closed). They took me straight out the back and gave me an injection, and before I knew it all that chocolate was coming back up again. I enjoyed it much more when it was going down. I really didn’t feel well now, and suspected Mathew might not have been lying all this time. When it was all finally up they shoved some charcoal down my throat to help settle my belly. After a few hours we were finally allowed to go home so I could sleep off my nightmarish experience, but not before Mathew had to swipe that magic piece of plastic from his wallet that took a nice chunk out of his bank account. Sorry Mathew 🙁 I will listen to you next time (maybe).

Climbing mountains with Mathew, Valese, and Bodie

Today Mathew and Valese took Bodie and I for a walk up Mount Taylor behind Mathew’s house. I wish Mathew would keep up with me, he needs to do this more often. If he was the one with my lead I would have helped him, but instead I got to help Valese up the hill. I don’t think she trusted me on the way back down though not to pull her down the hill so gave me back to Mathew.

Bodie and I are Guinness World Record Holders!

Today Mathew and Valese took Bodie and I to the Million Paw’s Walk. There were so many dogs! Counting on all my fingers and toes I estimate more than 1000. We even took part in the Guinness World Record attempt of the most dogs wearing bandana’s and broke the previous record of 364 dogs in Canada with 764! After a full walk around the lake I was buggered. Mathew left me to sleep all afternoon.

It’s no fun being left behind :(

Hoover and Snow came to visit me in Canberra! I suppose I better add Mathew’s Mum and Dad also tagged along. When they arrived Friday night the humans wanted to go straight to sleep but we had other ideas. Playing chasies around the house was fun. Mathew wasn’t so impressed though as others staying in the house were already asleep. Up early saturday morning when Mathew and his Dad were going on a motorcycle rally. His Mum who was going in the car decided to take Snow and leave Hoover with me, but Hoover was completely against that idea and let the whole neighbourhood know it before the sun had even risen. His Mum decided to then take Hoover too and leave me at home as all of us would have been too much to handle. I would have been a good boy. With all my spare time today I decided to make some people feel guilty. It must have worked because on Sunday I got to go too!

Bodie came to stay

Mathew says Bodie has come to stay with us for a while as Valese is spending some time in Sydney for work. I am teaching Bodie some bad habits that he is not allowed to do at home like sleeping on the lounge and on Mathew’s bed. Mathew has told him it is ok as long as he doesn’t do it when he goes home!