To walk or not to walk

I sit around all day waiting for Mathew to return from work, and hope, really hope, that when he get’s home he picks up my lead and his backpack because I now know that means we are going somewhere! I get very excited because I love going out, and I let Mathew know it all the way to our destination.

We have been walking around Lake Burley Griffin in the city with Anneka, a friend from Mathew’s work. She gives me lots of pats. I don’t like it when we walk over the bridges and the cars are speeding past, especially those big scary buses. I would love to go for a run off my lead, but Mathew tells me it’s too dangerous with all the bicycles. If he did let me off I might just go and jump off the wall into the lake as I heard him tell Anneka he would have to jump in after me. I think that would be quite funny!

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