Tyson 2.0

Mathew loves his gadgets, and the other day he found one for me. Well I don’t know if he was actually thinking of me or himself as it was an activity monitor he can put on my collar and monitor from his phone to show him how active I am during the day. He was quite disappointed when he found my only activity during the workday was f0llow him around before he left for work, and meet him at the gate/door when he got home from work. Well in my defence there was one spike at lunchtime, but when a dog has to go a dog has to go. Maybe it is a good thing for me though, as the very next day Mathew woke up and took me for a before work morning walk. Maybe he is feeling guilty. Maybe I will be lazy more often! That was until today when we went walking with Mathew’s friend Valese, her dog and my friend Bodie, and her friends dog River. We started off at the dog park where I wore myself out not realising we were going for a walk straight from there when the other arrived. Trying to act big and strong I was so glad when Bodie and River wanted a rest, as it meant I could actually have a rest too without looking weak. It was quite warm so we went though all Mathew’s water, including the water he brought for himself, so we then had to find a tap to refill again. I am going home to find the lounge and not move for the rest of the day.


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