Off to the doggy doctor

Mathew woke up this morning and decided I needed to go and see the doggy doctor. He calls it a vet, but I don’t like that name. Why can he go and see a doctor for his health but I have to see I vet. Maybe I can make it catch on. He was on the phone right before they opened at 8am and was frustrated as 8am passed but he still kept getting a recorded message. When he finally did get through though he was happy that they could get me in at 8:45am, so we were straight into the car and on our way. It wasn’t a long drive so we arrived a little bit early and waiting inside. I get scared though when I hear the other animals, so Mathew wasn’t surprised when I tried to get back outside. We went and sat in the corner and waited for our turn. Our doggy doctor today was Stephen, and I knew was he had lined up for me as soon as Mathew lifted me up onto the table. That is my temperature, and not through the mouth like humans get. Apparently it was quite high at 40.5°C which meant I had a fever. I knew I wasn’t faking it. Stephen decided he would like to keep me here for a while to look at me further, or at least to run some blood tests to further diagnose me. Mathew told me I had to stay so I didn’t really have a choice, but he did tell Stephen on my fear of enclosed spaces which meant I was assigned the larger VID (very important dog) cage in a private room, even if it was the laundry.

While Mathew went to work Stephen and his colleagues did some blood tests on me and had a look at my front leg which I have been limping on a little bit lately. They also gave me a few injections to try and help make me feel better and more comfortable. I had a pretty quiet day and wasn’t unsure what was happening, but Mathew came back at the end of the day to take me home. They couldn’t find anything major wrong, but I did have some elevated levels of something, so they were happy to let me go home with some painkillers and antibiotics. Mathew told me he had the choice of leaving me there overnight, but thought I would much rather go home. He was right, but he told me it was only because I was drinking water and eating even if it was limited, but if I was to start vomiting I had to go back. It was a quiet night but I was feeling slightly better so kept an eye on Mathew as he moved around the house.

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