Feeling much better but off to the doggy doctor again

I am now feeling much better. Mathew insists it is because of the pills he is hiding in my dinner that I try to work around, but I am not so sure. Either way I am mostly back to my usual self. I say usual, because yesterday Mathew tried to give me a brush and it REALLY hurt. I wouldn’t let Mathew do it any more, so he suspected something was wrong and had a closer look. Pulling back my fur he found lots of small sores down my back. I could tell he was worried, especially when he booked another appointment with the doggy doctor.

They didn’t seem too worried as they said they had already started to heal, and suspected it might have been a reaction to something used on me at the pet store when they gave me a bath on the weekend. Just to be safe they gave Mathew another weeks worth of pills that I now have to take. Mathew had been promising they were almost finished, so therefore I think it makes him a liar, even though he didn’t know it at the time.

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