Our first few weeks together

Living with Mathew has been great. Our first few weeks together we got to know one another a bit more and I settled into his house. I remembered my training from my previous life that we don’t talk about and knew what was expected of me. I did have one accident inside, but that’s only because Mathew didn’t understand I was trying to tell him I needed to go out. He has since installed me a doggy door so now I can come and go as I please, that is while someone is home anyway. He gives me pats, gives me treats, takes my for walks, lets me play with other dogs, welcome’s me onto his bed, and even introduced me to the rest of his family. Mathew’s auntie Denise and uncle Scott, which I guess make them my great aunt and uncle, are in and out of the house all the time as they live in different places for work. Denise gives me some attention, not as much from Scott, but they look after me when Mathew is out.

When I came home I think Mathew was worried as he had a brand new expensive car and he thought I might destroy it. I hate it when he judges me before he gives me chance. I think that’s why they picked me up from the bad place in Brendan’s car. It wasn’t long though before we went for a drive to the vet as I had a bit of a cough. The vet examined me outside, giving me lots of pats and making me feel calm. Mathew put me back in the car while he went inside, and I could see him watching and judging me very cautiously through the window. The leather seats smelt so good, good enough to chew, but I thought I had better not or he might not take me anywhere again. I felt like a king riding in the back seat, I even asked him to take my photo.

Mathew bought me a new house for when I was outside, however I really didn’t like it. Every time he tried to get me to go inside I had flashbacks of my time in the bad place. He understood that I preferred lying in the rain and didn’t force me to go in, so he took it back to the pet store. He must have felt bad for me though, because soon after he built me a temporary shelter when we were having lots of rain. It did its job at the time, however it did get in the way, so he then built me a new shelter by hand. It’s much bigger and allows more light, so I thought I had better make an effort to use it as he had put so much work into it.

Mathew took me on a very long car ride to his Mum and Dad’s on the coast where I got to meet their dogs Hoover and Snow. They look like me! I had lots of fun, and was definitely spoilt. Mathew says it is because he doesn’t live at home any more and they miss him. They took all us dog’s to the beach which is the best place in the world. We are allowed off our leads, can run around like crazy, go swimming, and meet lots of other people and their dogs too. I like getting wet, but am still not sure about those waves, so will try to avoid them. Rolling in the sand is fun too! I couldn’t wait to go back and visit again.

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