Where are you going Mathew?

Mathew was being extra nice this morning before he and his Mum loaded Snow and I in the ute and took us for a drive. I didn’t know where he was taking us, but it’s usually always somewhere fun. We seemed to be going a bit further than the beach, maybe somewhere new, and we eventually arrived at a house with a long driveway. Snow and I went with Mathew and him Mum into the office where we met some new people who seemed very nice and gave us a pat. They took our collars and lead off, put a rope around our necks, and asked Mathew and his mum to say goodbye to us. Why were they saying goodbye? Where were they going? The new people started to walk us out, and when Mathew wasn’t resisting I figured it was ok so Snow and I headed off with them. They asked Snow and I to keep it a secret what happens behind the scenes, so I apologise I can’t tell you more about all the fun they promised us!

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