Million Paws Walk

Today Mathew took me on the Million Paw’s Walk. There were so many dogs, and even some other white shepard’s like me. I got so much attention and cuddles from the stall holders, but most of the other owners didn’t even look twice at me. Some of the other dogs were a bit scared of me, but I don’t know why, I only wanted to say hello. Going on the walk was fun, but I wish some of the slower dogs and their owners would get out of my way so we couldĀ go faster. We found a gap in the crowd and I took Mathew for a run to get past them. The best part was at the end when Mathew bought me a sausage sandwich. After sitting on the grass and listening to some music, we headed for home where I spent the afternoon snoozing on the lounge. What a life!

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