To the beach with Snow and Ella!

Mathew spent the morning out shopping with his sister Alana while Snow and I played in the backyard, but when he came home he loaded us both into his car for a special surprise. I was a bit reluctant to share my back seat though with Snow as I have “my spot” which is already comfy, but when Mathew asked nicely to share I thought I had better oblige. It wasn’t as bad as I thought though, and did the right thing in comforting Snow who appeared to be quite scared. I assured her everything was ok, and she eventually calmed down. First stop was to Alana’s house where we had a play with her dog Ella while they had a coffee and a chat. Soon it was back into the car and we were off again, with Alana and Ella following in their car. After a short drive we had arrived, THE BEACH!! I love love love love love love this place, and even though Mathew promised we would come here last time, he didn’t bring me. In his defence I was pretty sore as it was after all the playing with Hoover and Snow, and was also when Hoover has injured himself at the park. Snow, Ella and I were immediately down onto the sand and straight into the water. Mathew and Alana tagged along too, which I guess is ok as they did drive us here. It was so much fun, with a walk up the beach, splashing in the water, playing with the other dogs, catching a ball, and even an introduction to a frisbee. We did get into trouble when we tried to check out the little blue shiny balloons. Mathew said they were blue bottles which much have washed high up the beach at high tide, and if we touched them we might regret it. We took his word of advice and stayed down in the wet low tide sand out of harms way. As usual I liked barking at the waves just to annoy Mathew who told me to be quiet as it makes me sound vicious. After a fun afternoon it was back into Mathew’s car for the trip back home, but only after we had to promise him not to shake. I hope we get to go back again soon!

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