From then until now

My new life has been good. I rule the house. Here is a summary from my first few weeks at Mathew’s house until now:

  • We have been to the coast to visit many more times. Mathew also left me there for 2 weeks when he went to Japan which I loved. I could have stayed, but thought I better go home again with┬áhim.
  • One trip to the coast we celebrated Snow’s first birthday. We got to eat cake and wear party hats!
  • Mathew had his 30th birthday in March at our house. I have never had so many cuddles!
  • I have my spot on the lounge. I hate it when visitors come over and I am forced back onto the floor
  • Watching TV with Mathew is fun. I usually bother him for pat’s until he makes it clear he has had enough and then fall asleep on top of him. He hates it when he forgets the remote.
  • I don’t like dogs barking on the big screen. I still can’t work out where they are
  • I have tested the water a few times to see what I can get away with. I have found that chewing furniture and stealing slippers is not ok. I still continue to sometimes steal Mathew’s dirty clothes and leave them in the middle of the floor though
  • I have some other new friends that I see now and again. I have been to Brendan’s house a couple of times and played with their little dogs Bailey, Tia, and Charlie. They look like a play toy and I could pick them up if I wanted to, but I think I would get into trouble. I have another friend Molly who also comes to visit me sometimes. Mathew, Denise, and Scott even took us swimming to the river on one visit. At Christmas on the coast my auntie (Mathew’s sister Alana) brought her German Shepard down from Cairns with her. We all got to go to the beach together!
  • Mathew and Scott started taking me for lots of walks before they went to work. For most of it I was allowed off my lead so I made sure I behaved or Mathew would put me back on. Scott is away for work now and Mathew has gotten slack. We need to go more.

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