I know your back, but I have had so much fun!!

It has been so long since I seen Mathew that I wondered if he was really coming back. Last time my previous owners left me they never came back, but Mathew promised he would never do that. He kept his word though, and one afternoon we were led out the front where Mathew and his mum were waiting for us. I decided to teach Mathew a lesson for leaving me and so didn’t act very excited, and when the girl handed me over to him and she headed back for the office I tricked Mathew and followed her instead. I think Mathew was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t happier to see him, but really I was! It serves him right for tricking me at home when he hides from me and makes me find him. Snow and I have had lot’s of fun including playtime every single day with all of the other dogs. They all said their owners were also coming back for them too, and had done it before, so I knew sooner or later Mathew would be back. Going home though will be a good break from Snow as she can get a bit much at times. Mathew and his Mum said they had a treat for us, and a short drive down the road we stopped at a beach with no waves! I love to swim but don’t like waves, so I took this opportunity to go for a paddle. Snow came in the water with me but wasn’t confident in swimming so stayed where she could touch the bottom. Mathew’s dad wasn’t happy when we got home that they took us swimming as the sun was going down and we didn’t have time to dry, but Mathew had other ideas and got the towels out. I love being dried with a towel!

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