A long walk, a burger, and a new jacket

Today after work Mathew loaded up my stuff and we headed into the city again for our weekly walk with Anneka. This time though I was sporting a new coat which kept me a little bit warmer in this cold weather. Mathew said his mum sent it as it didn’t fit Hoover or Snow and she thought it might fit me. It is still a little short, but it’s not too bad. We didn’t go the normal way today and ended up at a burger place for dinner. While Mathew went inside to order I hung outside with Anneka who gave me lots of cuddles. I tried to give her a kiss too, but she wasn’t going to have any part of it. Some passers by even stopped to give me a pat. I love this place! Mathew eventually came back and I had a lay down on the ground while he chatted with Anneka. Eventually their burgers came with a large chips which they shared with me. I really love this place! A walk back to the car and it was time to head home. I am glad I had my new jacket, as it was only around 2-4 degrees according to Mathews car on the way home!

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