Mathew, I don’t feel well :(

While Mathew was at work yesterday I didn’t feel the best and couldn’t wait for him to come home. I think he realised something was up when I came inside and curled up in the corner rather than follow him around the house, and didn’t even go outside with him when he went to turn the sprinkler on. When I didn’t feel like eating any of my dinner I could tell he was really concerned. I felt embarrassed for him to see me like this so while he watched TV I decided not to curl up with him like I normally do and keep my distance. I felt bad for ignoring him so when he went to bed I did go for a cuddle and some attention. In the middle of the night I went out the dog door and laid in the middle of the grass, but when Mathew came looking for me I realised he didn’t like me being too far away. He didn’t make me come back inside but thought I would follow him back in anyway and lay nearby on my bed.

The next morning he went to work and left me some food outside which I did have a nibble of throughout the day, but still didn’t feel like much. When he came home he noticed I had eaten something throughout the day so was a bit happier, but noticed I still wasn’t 100%. He made me some small mince meatballs for dinner which he handfed me, but I didn’t feel like many still. I could tell he was still worried, even more that night when I was breathing very fast and heavy. I have a feeling he does care about me as he kept a very close eye on me all night.

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