A new beginning!

My owner Mathew told me I needed to learn a new trick, so after thinking about what I could do to impress him, and realising how often I see him using his computer, I thought I can do that. I often disappear of a night after the lights go out, and little does he know what I am really up to.

So let me tell you a little about myself. I met Mathew in September 2013 in the most horrible place. I don’t know what I did wrong but my previous owners took me and my best friend to a place with lots of other dogs in many cages. Little did I know it would be the last time I would see my best friend or owners again. Over the next few weeks I didn’t get much sleep as it was a very noisy place with lots of crying dogs in the same situation as me. I really don’t like being locked up a cage either, and I let everyone know it. I would see people come and look at some of my new friends, and sometimes they would take them with them and they didn’t come back. I can only hope they they escaped this place. Sometimes the workers would also come and take some of my new friends and they also didn’t come back, but I never did find out where they went. Before one of the workers came to take me from my cage, I met Mathew.

I had already met many other people before I met Mathew, but they all came and went. When Mathew came and took me out of my cage he took me into the open yard but I was very scared. When he walked over to me I would curl into a little ball as I didn’t know what he was going to do, but he would then back up and give me some space. Mathew went and sat in the corner of the yard while he gave me some time to run around and do my business, and after some time when I see he had not left and was still sitting in the corner I decided to go and say hello. I approached quite slowly as I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I was glad when I did because he had cuddles and a belly rub ready for me. Mathew spent some time with me before he put me on my lead and led me out back to my cage. I really didn’t want to go back and I made a little bit of fuss to let him know it, but in the end I did as Mathew asked and went back inside. I watched as Mathew walked away, and over the next week people stopped coming to see me. I got very scared, but finally one bright sunny day Mathew came back also bringing his cousin Brendan. They took me out of my cage, and this time we got to go out the front door. I hopped into the car and we drove away, watching that bad┬áplace grow smaller through the back window.

I was very embarrassed riding in their car because I was very dirty when they came to get me. I was covered in my own pee, something I couldn’t help when I was locked up, and smelt very bad. Mathew looked like he was going to be sick. Mathew was one step ahead, and we went to this magical place called the pet store. Here I was treated like a king, with people all wanting to say hello and giving me treats. They even gave me a bath, or to be truthful more than one, sprayed some stuff on me to make me smell nice, and clipped my nails. Back into the car with a new bed, dog food, and some fun looking toys, we headed to my new home.

It’s sad to constantly think about everything before this point, so I have now put it all behind me, and gotten on with my new life. Mathew doesn’t know much about my past life as I refuse to tell him, but he did find out I was approximately 4-5 years old. We decided to call it 4.5 and give me a birthday in 6 months, which works out at the 15th March. I will use this blog to tell you about all the fun we now have together, but just remember, don’t tell Mathew about it!

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