When will winter end?

Finally! Mathew left his computer on overnight so I could get another post written. Sorry it has taken so long, but not too much has been happening anyway. The weather has cooled down a bit, enough that of a morning I get to play with the ice in my bucket, that is assuming Mathew remembers to break it up first. I have started going outside with him of a morning to start his car and allow it to warm up, but as much as I wish I could go with him to work one day, he has told me I am not allowed. He made something up about some people being allergic to me. I told him he could sneak me in, but he doesn’t think I would even make it past the front door as I would need my own security pass. When I do have to go outside I am glad I have this thick coat of hair to keep my warm, but when I am inside Mathew is forever vacuuming because it is always falling out. Sending him off to work with white hair on his black shirts or jacket is pretty funny.

Mathew and I have continued our weekly walks with Anneka despite the cold. We walked around the lake in Belconnen last week and we went back to Anneka’s house for pizza afterwards, however I was told I had to stay outside in the backyard. I didn’t think that was fair, and I let everyone know it too. I was in trouble with Mathew for making so much fuss, but I thought it was funny so continued. I eventually worked out I could slide Anneka’s door open so let myself inside, however I was soon told to go back out again. Mathew finally had enough of me and put me in the car and took me home. In my opinion it was a mission successful! He told me I probably won’t be invited back again though.

I found out yesterday that my friend Hoover has not recovered from his leg injury during our last trip to the coast and needs to go in for an operation. He has to stay off it for 6 weeks and will be confined to a cage. That would drive me crazy! Mathew will be overseas with his Mum and Dad during Hoover’s recovery period, so Mathew’s Nan is going to look after him. I was supposed to be going on my own holiday at the same time with Hoover and Snow, to some place Mathew keeps calling “kennel”, but it looks like it will now just be Snow and I. She likes chewing my ears and jumping on me, and now I am not going to have Hoover there to take some of her away from me. I think my holiday is going to be a long one while I wait for Mathew to come back and rescue me from her.

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