Playing with my friend Bodie

Today Mathew had his friend Valese around for dinner, and with her she brought her dog Bodie. I have only met him once before, but we had lots of fun then so am expecting to have lots of fun now. It was great having someone to run around the house and backyard with. I showed him all my favourite spots. Mathew and Valese went out to the movies after dinner, but little did they know that Mathew had forgotten to close the glass door in the bottom room of the house. Bodie and I didn’t mind, as we opened the gauze and made ourselves at home inside. I knew Mathew wouldn’t mind as long as we didn’t destroy anything and did our business outside. I could tell he was a bit worried though when they got home late because when they came down the side of the house they found me waiting and not Bodie. Mathew was searching all the corners of the yard with his light on the phone when Bodie finally emerged from inside. We were sprung right there and then. As Valese and Bodie left Mathew went on the search for any evidence of our inside freedom, but as I said, we were well behaved so he found nothing! If only he would leave the door open for me all the time when he wasn’t home!

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