A long weekend

I helped Mathew pack his car this morning which included my bag, but then got very confused when he put me in the back yard again and left without me. Mathew eventually came home though, earlier than usual, and this time I was going to make sure he wasn’t leaving me behind again so showed him my harness hanging on the chair to indicate I was ready. He must have got the idea so he put on my harness, loaded me into the car, and we hit the road even though I never know where we are going.

First stop was McDonald’s for lunch. We both love the chicken nuggets, so Mathew orders a big pack and shares. I think its a bit unfair though when we eats 3/4 of a nugget and only gives me the last 1/4. He also sneaks in the occasional full one when he thinks I’m not watching, but I’m not that stupid.

It was a long drive, with lots of traffic and rain, so I slept most of the way and let Mathew concentrate on the road. A long drive usually means we are going to Mathew’s mum and dad’s house where I get to play with their dogs Hoover and Snow, and it turned out I was right. Hoover was the first to greet me, but I wouldn’t say it was a nice greeting. He didn’t want to let me up the stairs, but after he was yelled at I managed to get through to say hello to everyone else. After some dinner and game of chase around the house Mathew gave us each a doggy chocolate while the humans watched TV before we all went to bed. I spent most of the night in the hallway halfway between the bedrooms keeping watch.

Saturday was a pretty quiet day. Mathew went out with his dad while I hung out at home with his mum, Hoover, and Snow. When Mathew came home he spent the afternoon on the computer with his mum. I wanted to play, but they were busy doing something. I really wanted to go to the beach but when it started raining I realised I was now stuck inside for the rest of the night.

Sunday we got up and Mathew’s mum and dad seemed to be getting some food together and getting ready to go out. It looked like we were going too, so I went and got Mathew of bed. We ended going to the park for a BBQ breakfast where Mathew wore us out chasing the ball. When we finished both Hoover and I were very sore and had a sore leg. I think we both overdid it a bit trying to keep up with Snow. We are both a bit older than her who is still a little more agile than us. We later realised Hoover was a bit more sore than me as he was in pain and couldn’t even get up. I realised he wasn’t feeling well so Snow and I gave him his space. Mathew’s mum and dad had to help him around as he was only walking on 3 legs.

Monday was a quiet day. Mathew had promised to take me the beach, but he explained it was a bit unfair now as Hoover couldn’t go. Hoover was a little bit better but still hurting. We spent the day hanging out at home letting Hoover rest.

Tuesday morning everyone was up and off to work, so Mathew packed his car and we prepared to head home. We stopped first at his Nan’s house. I got a bit scared when there was a load crash when Mathew broke his Nan’s garage door, so I ran and hid in the house. Mathew came and found me and told me it was ok. After Mathew caught up with his Nan and I had a few cuddles we were in the car heading for home. I tried to make Mathew read my mind, and sure enough it worked as we stopped again for chicken nuggets at McDonalds on the way! Hopefully we can go back soon, and this time go to the beach!

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