Merry Christmas

Yesterday my friends Hoover and Snow (and of course Mathew’s mum and dad) came to visit us in Canberra for Christmas. I don’t know how long the reunion will last so we are making the most of it. We are all making the most of the house and keeping everyone busy in picking up dog hair off the floors (sorry Mathew but I can’t help losing it). This morning Mathew and his parents gave us all some Christmas presents and were quite excited to watch us unwrap them. While Hoover got straight in and unwrapped his I was thinking ahead and realised if I just looked at it long enough I wouldn’t need to do any work and someone would unwrap it for me. I was right with Mathew being the sucker! We all got some new toys and treats, and even though we all were given something different, because we are sharers what is mine is theirs and vice versa. I think someone might have forgotten to tell Hoover this though who doesn’t generally let Snow and I anywhere near his current choice of entertainment at that moment.

This morning after a simple breakfast Mathew and his mum took us all for a walk around the neighbourhood. Since Mathew put this activity tracker on me a week ago we have been doing a lot more exercise. Personally I think Mathew needs it more than me! Even though it was the same long route Mathew and I normally take, today wore me our a lot quicker with Hoover, Snow and I being let loose off our leads in certain parts to explore close by. Anything that Hoover or Snow went to check out I also had to go and have a look so I could protect them (well that’s what I tell myself, I really just didn’t want to miss out on anything). By the time we got home we were stuffed so I am glad all everyone was doing was sit around to talk and drink for the rest of the day.

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