It’s no fun being left behind :(

Hoover and Snow came to visit me in Canberra! I suppose I better add Mathew’s Mum and Dad also tagged along. When they arrived Friday night the humans wanted to go straight to sleep but we had other ideas. Playing chasies around the house was fun. Mathew wasn’t so impressed though as others staying in the house were already asleep. Up early saturday morning when Mathew and his Dad were going on a motorcycle rally. His Mum who was going in the car decided to take Snow and leave Hoover with me, but Hoover was completely against that idea and let the whole neighbourhood know it before the sun had even risen. His Mum decided to then take Hoover too and leave me at home as all of us would have been too much to handle. I would have been a good boy. With all my spare time today I decided to make some people feel guilty. It must have worked because on Sunday I got to go too!

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