Merry Christmas

Yesterday my friends Hoover and Snow (and of course Mathew’s mum and dad) came to visit us in Canberra for Christmas. I don’t know how long the reunion will last so we are making the most of it. We are all making the most of the house and keeping everyone busy in picking up dog hair off the floors (sorry Mathew but I can’t help losing it). This morning Mathew and his parents gave us all some Christmas presents and were quite excited to watch us unwrap them. While Hoover got straight in and unwrapped his I was thinking ahead and realised if I just looked at it long enough I wouldn’t need to do any work and someone would unwrap it for me. I was right with Mathew being the sucker! We all got some new toys and treats, and even though we all were given something different, because we are sharers what is mine is theirs and vice versa. I think someone might have forgotten to tell Hoover this though who doesn’t generally let Snow and I anywhere near his current choice of entertainment at that moment.

This morning after a simple breakfast Mathew and his mum took us all for a walk around the neighbourhood. Since Mathew put this activity tracker on me a week ago we have been doing a lot more exercise. Personally I think Mathew needs it more than me! Even though it was the same long route Mathew and I normally take, today wore me our a lot quicker with Hoover, Snow and I being let loose off our leads in certain parts to explore close by. Anything that Hoover or Snow went to check out I also had to go and have a look so I could protect them (well that’s what I tell myself, I really just didn’t want to miss out on anything). By the time we got home we were stuffed so I am glad all everyone was doing was sit around to talk and drink for the rest of the day.

Tyson 2.0

Mathew loves his gadgets, and the other day he found one for me. Well I don’t know if he was actually thinking of me or himself as it was an activity monitor he can put on my collar and monitor from his phone to show him how active I am during the day. He was quite disappointed when he found my only activity during the workday was f0llow him around before he left for work, and meet him at the gate/door when he got home from work. Well in my defence there was one spike at lunchtime, but when a dog has to go a dog has to go. Maybe it is a good thing for me though, as the very next day Mathew woke up and took me for a before work morning walk. Maybe he is feeling guilty. Maybe I will be lazy more often! That was until today when we went walking with Mathew’s friend Valese, her dog and my friend Bodie, and her friends dog River. We started off at the dog park where I wore myself out not realising we were going for a walk straight from there when the other arrived. Trying to act big and strong I was so glad when Bodie and River wanted a rest, as it meant I could actually have a rest too without looking weak. It was quite warm so we went though all Mathew’s water, including the water he brought for himself, so we then had to find a tap to refill again. I am going home to find the lounge and not move for the rest of the day.


Playing with my friend Bodie

Today Mathew had his friend Valese around for dinner, and with her she brought her dog Bodie. I have only met him once before, but we had lots of fun then so am expecting to have lots of fun now. It was great having someone to run around the house and backyard with. I showed him all my favourite spots. Mathew and Valese went out to the movies after dinner, but little did they know that Mathew had forgotten to close the glass door in the bottom room of the house. Bodie and I didn’t mind, as we opened the gauze and made ourselves at home inside. I knew Mathew wouldn’t mind as long as we didn’t destroy anything and did our business outside. I could tell he was a bit worried though when they got home late because when they came down the side of the house they found me waiting and not Bodie. Mathew was searching all the corners of the yard with his light on the phone when Bodie finally emerged from inside. We were sprung right there and then. As Valese and Bodie left Mathew went on the search for any evidence of our inside freedom, but as I said, we were well behaved so he found nothing! If only he would leave the door open for me all the time when he wasn’t home!

Feeling much better but off to the doggy doctor again

I am now feeling much better. Mathew insists it is because of the pills he is hiding in my dinner that I try to work around, but I am not so sure. Either way I am mostly back to my usual self. I say usual, because yesterday Mathew tried to give me a brush and it REALLY hurt. I wouldn’t let Mathew do it any more, so he suspected something was wrong and had a closer look. Pulling back my fur he found lots of small sores down my back. I could tell he was worried, especially when he booked another appointment with the doggy doctor.

They didn’t seem too worried as they said they had already started to heal, and suspected it might have been a reaction to something used on me at the pet store when they gave me a bath on the weekend. Just to be safe they gave Mathew another weeks worth of pills that I now have to take. Mathew had been promising they were almost finished, so therefore I think it makes him a liar, even though he didn’t know it at the time.

Off to the doggy doctor

Mathew woke up this morning and decided I needed to go and see the doggy doctor. He calls it a vet, but I don’t like that name. Why can he go and see a doctor for his health but I have to see I vet. Maybe I can make it catch on. He was on the phone right before they opened at 8am and was frustrated as 8am passed but he still kept getting a recorded message. When he finally did get through though he was happy that they could get me in at 8:45am, so we were straight into the car and on our way. It wasn’t a long drive so we arrived a little bit early and waiting inside. I get scared though when I hear the other animals, so Mathew wasn’t surprised when I tried to get back outside. We went and sat in the corner and waited for our turn. Our doggy doctor today was Stephen, and I knew was he had lined up for me as soon as Mathew lifted me up onto the table. That is my temperature, and not through the mouth like humans get. Apparently it was quite high at 40.5°C which meant I had a fever. I knew I wasn’t faking it. Stephen decided he would like to keep me here for a while to look at me further, or at least to run some blood tests to further diagnose me. Mathew told me I had to stay so I didn’t really have a choice, but he did tell Stephen on my fear of enclosed spaces which meant I was assigned the larger VID (very important dog) cage in a private room, even if it was the laundry.

While Mathew went to work Stephen and his colleagues did some blood tests on me and had a look at my front leg which I have been limping on a little bit lately. They also gave me a few injections to try and help make me feel better and more comfortable. I had a pretty quiet day and wasn’t unsure what was happening, but Mathew came back at the end of the day to take me home. They couldn’t find anything major wrong, but I did have some elevated levels of something, so they were happy to let me go home with some painkillers and antibiotics. Mathew told me he had the choice of leaving me there overnight, but thought I would much rather go home. He was right, but he told me it was only because I was drinking water and eating even if it was limited, but if I was to start vomiting I had to go back. It was a quiet night but I was feeling slightly better so kept an eye on Mathew as he moved around the house.

Mathew, I don’t feel well :(

While Mathew was at work yesterday I didn’t feel the best and couldn’t wait for him to come home. I think he realised something was up when I came inside and curled up in the corner rather than follow him around the house, and didn’t even go outside with him when he went to turn the sprinkler on. When I didn’t feel like eating any of my dinner I could tell he was really concerned. I felt embarrassed for him to see me like this so while he watched TV I decided not to curl up with him like I normally do and keep my distance. I felt bad for ignoring him so when he went to bed I did go for a cuddle and some attention. In the middle of the night I went out the dog door and laid in the middle of the grass, but when Mathew came looking for me I realised he didn’t like me being too far away. He didn’t make me come back inside but thought I would follow him back in anyway and lay nearby on my bed.

The next morning he went to work and left me some food outside which I did have a nibble of throughout the day, but still didn’t feel like much. When he came home he noticed I had eaten something throughout the day so was a bit happier, but noticed I still wasn’t 100%. He made me some small mince meatballs for dinner which he handfed me, but I didn’t feel like many still. I could tell he was still worried, even more that night when I was breathing very fast and heavy. I have a feeling he does care about me as he kept a very close eye on me all night.

Home sweet home

Mathew and I have been back at home for a week now after leaving his Mum and Dad’s house a few days after he picked me up. On the drive we stopped at McDonald’s for lunch as we always do, but this time Mathew preferred to mix things up and gave me some of his hamburger and fries rather than sharing chicken nuggets. When I realised that’s all I was getting I ate it, but I still prefer the chicken nuggets. I hope he gets them instead next time. For some reason though he has never offered me any of his drink. Maybe next time I will just have to sneak a sip.

Back at home Mathew has had to go back to work, but I have settled back into the yard. I spend most of my time sleeping during the day, and continue my sleep inside when Mathew gets home. I sleep much better of a night now knowing where he is. I think he is making things up to me as I have been given a few treats lately, and the other day he bought me the biggest bone I have ever seen. I have seen the other half of it in the fridge and tried to help myself, but he told me I can have tomorrow morning when he leaves for work. I can’t wait! I am so glad to be home!

I know your back, but I have had so much fun!!

It has been so long since I seen Mathew that I wondered if he was really coming back. Last time my previous owners left me they never came back, but Mathew promised he would never do that. He kept his word though, and one afternoon we were led out the front where Mathew and his mum were waiting for us. I decided to teach Mathew a lesson for leaving me and so didn’t act very excited, and when the girl handed me over to him and she headed back for the office I tricked Mathew and followed her instead. I think Mathew was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t happier to see him, but really I was! It serves him right for tricking me at home when he hides from me and makes me find him. Snow and I have had lot’s of fun including playtime every single day with all of the other dogs. They all said their owners were also coming back for them too, and had done it before, so I knew sooner or later Mathew would be back. Going home though will be a good break from Snow as she can get a bit much at times. Mathew and his Mum said they had a treat for us, and a short drive down the road we stopped at a beach with no waves! I love to swim but don’t like waves, so I took this opportunity to go for a paddle. Snow came in the water with me but wasn’t confident in swimming so stayed where she could touch the bottom. Mathew’s dad wasn’t happy when we got home that they took us swimming as the sun was going down and we didn’t have time to dry, but Mathew had other ideas and got the towels out. I love being dried with a towel!

Where are you going Mathew?

Mathew was being extra nice this morning before he and his Mum loaded Snow and I in the ute and took us for a drive. I didn’t know where he was taking us, but it’s usually always somewhere fun. We seemed to be going a bit further than the beach, maybe somewhere new, and we eventually arrived at a house with a long driveway. Snow and I went with Mathew and him Mum into the office where we met some new people who seemed very nice and gave us a pat. They took our collars and lead off, put a rope around our necks, and asked Mathew and his mum to say goodbye to us. Why were they saying goodbye? Where were they going? The new people started to walk us out, and when Mathew wasn’t resisting I figured it was ok so Snow and I headed off with them. They asked Snow and I to keep it a secret what happens behind the scenes, so I apologise I can’t tell you more about all the fun they promised us!

To the beach with Snow and Ella!

Mathew spent the morning out shopping with his sister Alana while Snow and I played in the backyard, but when he came home he loaded us both into his car for a special surprise. I was a bit reluctant to share my back seat though with Snow as I have “my spot” which is already comfy, but when Mathew asked nicely to share I thought I had better oblige. It wasn’t as bad as I thought though, and did the right thing in comforting Snow who appeared to be quite scared. I assured her everything was ok, and she eventually calmed down. First stop was to Alana’s house where we had a play with her dog Ella while they had a coffee and a chat. Soon it was back into the car and we were off again, with Alana and Ella following in their car. After a short drive we had arrived, THE BEACH!! I love love love love love love this place, and even though Mathew promised we would come here last time, he didn’t bring me. In his defence I was pretty sore as it was after all the playing with Hoover and Snow, and was also when Hoover has injured himself at the park. Snow, Ella and I were immediately down onto the sand and straight into the water. Mathew and Alana tagged along too, which I guess is ok as they did drive us here. It was so much fun, with a walk up the beach, splashing in the water, playing with the other dogs, catching a ball, and even an introduction to a frisbee. We did get into trouble when we tried to check out the little blue shiny balloons. Mathew said they were blue bottles which much have washed high up the beach at high tide, and if we touched them we might regret it. We took his word of advice and stayed down in the wet low tide sand out of harms way. As usual I liked barking at the waves just to annoy Mathew who told me to be quiet as it makes me sound vicious. After a fun afternoon it was back into Mathew’s car for the trip back home, but only after we had to promise him not to shake. I hope we get to go back again soon!